Choosing Warehouse for Interior Contractor / Carpentry

With my experience in interior fit-out contracting, I compile a list of points / tips for choosing Warehouse for your interior fit-out contracting or carpentry in UAE.


  • Choose the Location, closer to the market you are targeting. Keep the travel time less. If you are a fit-out contractor, your team needs to come from Camp to Warehouse and leaves to Site daily that too in Peak hours.
  • Choose the Location, closer to the Labor Camp for same reason.


  • Connectivity to the main routes (E11 / E311 / E611)
  • Connectivity to the Suppliers
  • These 2 are important factors for hassle-less day to day operation.

Size and Shape:

  • Have an Idea / prepare a layout with minimum requirement of Office space, Carpentry equipment, Paint room, Storage area and make sure the new warehouse accommodates all with + 10% to 20% additional space.
  • The Entrance / Access must be clear and spacious for Loading & Unloading from Pickups / Trailers, Fork Lifts and easy movements.
  • Mezzanine: Highly preferable. Easy to have Office space and advantage.
  • In Built Restroom: Own Restroom are always better than the Common one for your employees and clients.
  • It is better to choose the Warehouses with access on both sides. For installing ventilators, paint room ventilators and better mobility it is better than the single entrance where the back side is covered by adjacent warehouse sharing the same wall.


  • Power – Power to meet the requirement of your carpentry machineries, office AC, Office etc. Even if it is not available, there should be a provision to upgrade easily. Make a rough estimation of load requirement prior to choose the warehouse.
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm Devices: Carpentry warehouses are highly prone to Fire accidents as they have Thinner chemicals and wooden elements. Please make sure with the landlord that the Warehouse are approved for carpentry works.
  • Please make sure that the Sprinklers, Smoke Detectors, Sounder, FACP are available and working condition.
  • Ventilation: Ventilators / Provision for Ventilators are must carpentry.
  • Insulation: Go for the Pre-insulated roof than the conventional for better working environment and less load on the AC.


  • Cost: Keep your overhead less and consider the Operational Cost perspective as well. Remote areas will have less rent but it will increase the Transportation cost. Balance them.
  • Payment Mode: Options are available like 2 Cheques / 4 Cheques / 6 Cheques. In my opinion, smaller payments are the easier one to make.